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Terms of Reference FOR Festival Fleurieu.

Adopted by Festival Fleurieu Board, June 2018

Download ToR 2019.pdf

The Festival Fleurieu Planning Group will plan, manage and implement a biennial community festival of arts, culture, gastronomy and environment, providing leadership by:

  • collaborating extensively with community groups and individuals to produce a range of events drawn from both the community and further afield
  • ensuring a coordinated and consistent approach in line with the aims and values of the festival
  • working closely with Council
  • seeking funding and sponsorship
  • promoting and marketing the festival widely.




To stage a biennial festival celebrating the arts, culture, community and environment of the FLEURIEU COAST in the District Council of Yankalilla, to boost the cultural economy.


The festival will be known as Festival Fleurieu 2019.

The festival will showcase the artists, artisans, community members, businesses and organizations that contribute to Performing Arts, Crafts, Community, Words, Culinary, Visual Arts, Place, Heritage, Photography events programmed for the festival period: Saturday 13 April to Monday 22 April 2019


The Festival Fleurieu is an expression of life in the western Fleurieu of South Australia; it will not only give local communities an opportunity to express the vibrancy and distinctiveness of the western Fleurieu in a dynamic festival program but will attract visitors from greater Adelaide, from across SA as well as from interstate to the whole district from coast to hills, agricultural lands to scenic landscape : from Myponga to Inman Valley, from Yankalilla, Normanville to Cape Jervis.


  • The festival acknowledges the heritage of the Kaurna, Narrandjerri and Ramindjeri lands of the Yankalilla Council.
  • All aspects of the festival contribute to community involvement and expression and boost the cultural economy.
  • The festival is committed to the pursuit of excellence, innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Planning, content and organisation of the festival are of the highest possible excellence and originality.
  • The festival celebrates the contributions of successive generations that contribute to the shape of communities of the council area.
  • The festival respects the beauty and integrity of the district’s varied and unique environment.
  • The festival is inclusive of all, including when possible, specific elements for people with disabilities, with particular emphasis on access and affordability.
  • The festival events will not promote violence, racial or sexual vilification.
  • Community ownership and collaboration with Council are integral to all processes and events.
  • All activities and operations of the festival integrate ‘clean and green’ principles.
  • The festival strives for local, state and national attention.
  • The festival is a not-for-profit venture of the community with any surplus income going to fund future festivals.


The leafy sea dragon is the symbol of the festival and will be used in logos, letterhead, art, song, public works of art, signage, taglines and all official statements.

Outcomes of Festival Fleurieu 2017:

  • Arts, environment and cultural events embed the values of the festival as outlined in this Terms of Reference document.
  • ‘Clean and green’ principles are integrated into all operations.
  • Community skills and cultural, social and educational capital are increased.
  • Community collaboration and involvement characterises event planning.
  • Originality and pursuit of excellence characterises all organisation and events.
  • Events and the festival gain attention locally, and throughout the state and nation, promoting local and state through badging appropriate documents.

From the Constitution:

The objects and purposes of the association are to:

  • oversee a biennial Festival of arts, culture and environment in the Yankalilla District South Australia.
  • appoint a Planning Group to plan, manage and implement each festival.

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